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Meet the CANLab


A Brief History

The CANLab was founded in 2006 when Dr. Kensinger arrived at Boston College, becoming one of the first laboratories at BC to use cognitive neuroscience methods to understand human behavior. Since then, neuroscience has blossomed at Boston College and we are thrilled to be among a number of neuroscience laboratories within the Psychology department.

Since its inception, the CANLab has seen 6 postdoctoral fellows transition into independent research careers, graduated nearly 10 M.A. and Ph.D. students, and had the pleasure of mentoring over 100 undergraduate students who have gone on to graduate school, medical school, and careers in literally everything from A (advertising) to Z (zoology).

Want to Join Us?

If you are interested in participating in one of our research studies, please  email us at or give us a call at 617-552-6949

If you are interested in joining our laboratory as an undergraduate research assistant, please fill out the online application.  We do not always have openings, but we will be sure to keep your application on file.

If you are potentially interested in joining the laboratory as a full-time research assistant, graduate student, or postdoctoral fellow, please contact Dr. Kensinger directly or use the email link below.



Elizabeth Kensinger


Lab Director


Jaclyn Ford


Senior Research Scientist


Holly Bowen


Postdoctoral Fellow


Eric Fields


Postdoctoral Fellow


Ph.D. Student



Ryan Daley


Ph.D. Student


Laboratory Manager


Katelyn Parisi


Research Assistant


Michael Anderson, MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit

Donna Rose Addis, University of Auckland

Angela GutchessBrandeis University

Jessica Payne, University of Notre Dame

Benton Pierce, Texas A&M Commerce

Suparna Rajaram, SUNY Stonybrook

Patricia Reuter-Lorenz, University of Michigan

Maureen Ritchey, Boston College

Daniel Schacter, Harvard University

Scott SlotnickBoston College

Robert Stickgold, Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center and Harvard Medical School

Robert Waldinger, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital

Liane YoungBoston College


Postdoctoral Fellow Alumni

Eric Allard (2010-14) - Asst. Professor of Psychology, Cleveland State University

Anne Krendl (2010-12) - Associate Professor of Psychology, Indiana University Bloomington

Christina Leclerc (2006-10) - Associate Lecturer, University of New England

Christopher Madan (2014-17) - Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Nottingham

Stephanie Sherman (2016-17) - Data scientist, Murmuration

Graduate Student Alumni

Kelly BennionPh.D. student (2011-2016) -Asst.Professor of Psychology, California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo

Alisha Holland - Ph.D. student (2007-2012) - Lecturer at Columbia Teacher's College

Brendan Murray - Ph.D. student (2008-2013) - scientific project manager in the private sector

Katherine Mickley Steinmetz Ph.D. student (2006-2011) - Associate Professor of Psychology, Wofford College

Laura Paige - Master's student (2012-2013) - Ph.D. student at Brandeis University

Jaclyn Portelli - Master's student (2009-2011) - research assistant at the Kessler Institute

Jonathan Romiti - Master's student (2007-2009) - law student at BC Law School

Jill Waring Ph.D. student (2006-2011) - Asst. Professor of Psychology at Saint Louis University

Research Staff Alumni

Keely Muscatelllaboratory manager (2006-2008) - Asst. Professor, UNC Chapel Hill

Ranga Atapattu - laboratory manager (2008-2010) - Ph.D. student in School Psychology

Katherine Schmidt - research assistant (2009-2010) - nursing student at University of Pennsylvania

Jenny Wong - research assistant (2010-2011) - Ph.D. student in Psychology at UT Dallas

Halle Zucker - research assistant (2010-2013) - Ph.D. student in Psychology at UC Davis

John Morris - research assistant (2011-2014) - medical school at Michigan State University

Sarah Scott - research assistant (2013-2015) - AthenaHealth

Haley DiBiase - research assistant (2014-2015) - New England College of Optometry

Tala Berro - research assistant (2015-2016) - Boston University, Genetic Counseling Program

Ryan Daley - research assistant (2016-2017) - Ph.D. student at Boston College